2021 - 2022 NCMS Daily Schedule


Virtual Non-Negotiable Scholar Expectations:

1.   School Attire

Scholars are expected to dress appropriately for the virtual learning environment. Scholars should refrain from attending sessions in pajamas and bonnets. It is important to dress appropriately at all times during school hours.
2.   School Hours

Scholars are expected to follow the pre-determined instructional schedule. Scholars should login to all virtual sessions on-time. Scholars should be attentive and actively engaged in the learning sessions. Scholars should refrain from engaging in other activities during their instructional blocks.
3.   Scholar Etiquette

Scholars are expected to maintain a clean, neat and organized virtual environment. Scholars should develop a central working area in their household (kitchen table, desks, etc.). Scholars should not be lying in bed during instructional hours. Scholars should have their laptop cameras on during the instructional blocks. Scholars must refrain from eating while engaging in instruction and limit noise level to reduce distractions.
4.   Digital Citizenship

Scholars are expected to be responsible for how they act and behave in the virtual setting. Scholars should reframe from using inappropriate language and posting inappropriate messages. Scholars are expected to be respectful to their teachers and peers. Scholars must remember the virtual setting is our learning environment and it should not be disrupted at any time. Scholars should know that administrative consequence will be rendered when they are not being digital responsible citizens.
5.   Digital Platform Awareness

Scholars are expected to utilize Google Suite for all instructional purposes. Scholars will receive instructions from teachers as it relates to joining Google Classrooms and Google Meets. Scholars must become familiar with how to navigate the Google Suite Platform.
6.   Scholar Engagement

Scholars are expected to actively engage in virtual instruction. Scholars should provide feedback and ask questions as it relates to the content being taught during the learning process.
7.   Ready for Instruction
Scholars are expected to be prepared for virtual instruction. Scholars should ensure they have proper access to the instructional platform. Scholars are responsible for communicating with their teachers any issues, questions or concerns about the instruction.
8.   Communication

Scholars are expected to communicate with their teachers when questions arise. Scholars should be familiar with how to email their teachers and administrators when questions arise. Scholars should also be familiar with posting comments or concerns within the Google Suite Platform.
9.   Assignments

Scholars are expected to complete all assignments posted by their teacher. Scholars should be sure assignments are posted prior to the due dates set by the teacher. Scholars must understand that two grades per week for each content area will be entered by their teacher. Scholars must also know that parental contact will be made if assignments are not completed and posted.
10.  Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Activities

Scholars are expected to engage in lessons centered on managing emotions, healthy relationships, understanding and empathizing with others, being responsible and safe, learning to cope with difficult situations and managing stress, emotions, anxiety and fear. Scholars will partake in SEL Learning Activities every day.
11.  Positive Behavioral Supports (PBIS)

 Scholars will be expected to follow the PBIS expectations of the school at all times. We ROAR (Respectful, On Time, Always Prepared and Ready). Scholars can and will receive a Tiger Stripe for displaying the desired behavior. Scholars will have an opportunity to earn rewards based on their number of Tiger Stripes. 

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